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GoodKnight Books is an award-winning boutique publisher that specializes in biographies and non-fiction works of Hollywood's Golden Era.


The mission of GoodKnight Books is to deliver niche books to the marketplace that are "firsts" in terms of topics covered or approach taken. We are pleased to announce our upcoming releases:


Season of the Gods (October 2023), the debut novel of bestselling Hollywood author Robert Matzen.


Making A Bridge Too Far (April 2024) by British author Simon Lewis, the chronicle of Joseph E. Levine's all-star World War II epic production A Bridge Too Far about the daring 1944 Allied campaign code-named Operation Market Garden.


We offer our books in print editions and e-books in all popular formats as well as select audiobooks. We seek new works to publish if they have potential to cross over from the Old Hollywood niche to a more mainstream audience.


GoodKnight books are printed in the U.S.A. and offer the highest quality in terms of writing and editing, design, and printing and binding.


Award-winning boutique publisher of the finest in Hollywood non-fiction

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