Errol Flynn Slept Here

The Flynns, the Hamblens, Rick Nelson and the Most Notorious House in Hollywood

by Robert Matzen & Michael Mazzone



ISBN: 978-0-9711685-7-2 

February, 2009

hardcover with dust jacket
184 pages



"Just when you think every bit of Hollywood history and lore has been explored, along comes a book that's inventive, surprising and impossible to put down..."
Leonard Maltin, Author and Film Historian



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The Story


Acclaimed by Hollywood scholars and reviewers of popular culture, the best-selling, full-color hardcover Errol Flynn Slept Here tells the story of Mulholland Farm, Errol Flynn's mountaintop home built in 1941 and Flynn's base of operations for 11 years. This volume represents the only coffee-table hardcover about a Hollywood house and takes us within the walls, and within the mind, of its designer and chief occupant, Errol Flynn, at a time when he reigned as the top adventure-film star in Hollywood. From its elegant design to unexpected secret passageways to two-way mirrors and listening devices, the home of Errol Flynn has to be seen to be believed.


Mulholland Farm was next owned by radio star and songwriter Stuart Hamblin, and finally by television and rock 'n' roll music legend Rick Nelson and his children, Tracy, Matthew, and Gunnar. Rick, a lifelong fan of Errol Flynn, died tragically in a plane crash while still in ownership of Mulholland Farm. Another aspect of the house: Members of the Hamblen and Nelson families claim it was haunted, beginning the night that Errol Flynn died. The strange story within a story unfolded as the authors conducted interviews with three generations of occupants of Mulholland Farm. Because of our coverage of the haunting in Errol Flynn Slept Here, the Arts & Entertainment Network asked GoodKnight Books to consult on the development of its Tracy Nelson/Mulholland Farm segment of Celebrity Ghost Stories. GoodKnight provided information and still photographs for this segment.


Errol Flynn Slept Here includes nearly 200 photos, most of them previously unpublished. 

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